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Etiquette – Do’s and Don’ts

To ensure that both my clients and I experience the most pleasure and enjoyment of our time together, I do have some firm guidelines. My guidelines include the things that generally apply between two mature adults, and are important tips for those of you who are new to my services. Have a look at them, please. As a client, you may have expectations that I will go above and beyond to fulfill; I do require that you respect my expectations as well.

Be a gentleman

Etiquette does not only apply to appearance. Having good manners is a very important character trait I expect in a gentleman. I ask you to be kind and courteous as I promise you will get these traits in return from me. Be polite, and most importantly, be respectful of my feeling and wishes; doing so will lead to a more than pleasurable experience and an ongoing companionship between us, as the best relationships come from a place of getting to know one another more and more over time.

Be prepared for the date

Impeccable personal hygiene is an absolute must. Before our date, take a shower, groom yourself, etc. so that we can have a comfortable and thrilling experience. Accommodations are expected to be safe and secure whether it’s in the U.S. or anywhere else across the world. I am punctual and I will reach your premise or hotel room 5 minutes before our scheduled appointment.

Donation handling

Cash in the US Dollar is the most preferred and convenient way customers can pay for my services. You are expected to pay the full amount and there are no compromises in this regard. It is advisable and preferred for you to pay me upon my arrival to avoid any future inconveniences.

Drug and alcohol

Customer satisfaction means more than anything else to me. I do most anything to make my customers beyond pleased and leave them on Cloud 9 as they respect my feelings. Please refrain from taking drugs or excessive alcohol; doing so will end our appointment, or can be grounds to reject the appointment entirely.

Use of vulgar language/content

You are expected to mind your manners. Be polite, courteous, and respectful when you contact me. Please do not share any of the content containing slanderous, libelous, defamatory, or derogatory statements.

Mode of communication

After confirming the date and time, you can book your appointment via E-mail. I do not answer any unscheduled calls or texts. You may leave me a voicemail, and I will return your phone call to confirm our appointment. Any additional detailed information is required to be submitted via text message.

Treat me like a queen, and I will treat you like a king.